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Waikato Region Branch of the United Nations Association is one of the Association's smaller branches. We have a strong focus on working with secondary school students for speech awards, and Model UN events in the area. If you live in the Waikato area, and haven't yet joined the Waikato branch, click here for membership details. 

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Upcoming Events

Please contact Mano for upcoming events in the Waikato Region. 


Waikato News and Reports


Model UN Assembly was held in the Cooper Lecture Theatre, Price water House, Management School, University of Waikato, Hamilton on 9th September 2017. Heavy rain and gale force winds did not deter the students from Hamilton High School from  taking part in the assembly to speak up for various countries on Climate change. Former Mayor of Hamilton Margaret Evans who is still involved with community was the acting Secretary General for the Model UN Assembly. 

Linda Holmes Secretary of the association set The topic for the day "The Planet, Climate change and a future without Humans? Establishing an International plan to ensure Global warming of less than 2 degrees Celsius increase on Pre Industrial levels by 2050 and the survival of the Human (and other ) species

Students came dressed up in the national costume of the country they represented in the assembly.

Mano Manoharan president of the UN Association of NZ Waikato branch says the branch had been running the Model UN Assembly for High School students since 1995 but from the year 2000 we had been running this on a grand scale at the Management School. This year the students were well behaved had researched  a lot about the countries they represented and acted as real delegates at the UN in Geneva with high respect for the acting Secretary General.

At the end of the day in the evaluation form students wrote the following comments, " overall found the model UN enjoyable","It is loads of fun and it is a great way for us young people to talk about, learn about and come up with ideas to help issues that our world is facing currently", "enjoyable event will come next year, recommend to everyone we know","great food", "We think speeches should take place after the passing of the motion".

For Waikato's activities in the past year, you might like to take a look at our Branch Pages of our 2017 UNA NZ News publication (page 53). 


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