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The Tauranga Region Branch is extremely active, with a strong leadership and support base. If you're not a member of Tauranga Branch, and you're in the Tauranga Region, click here to join now!



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Upcoming Events 

For information contact Gray Southon on [email protected]

Regular events in Tauranga include: 

·       Participation in the local Multicultural Festival 

·       The AGM 

·       A Speech Awards 


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Tauranga News and Reports



Please refer to our recent 2017 UNA NZ News publication where you can find our more about the Tauranga Branch as well as recent activities. 




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Contact Tauranga Branch:


Branch President

        Gray Southon - 07 5787119, 0211 020 977 - [email protected]

Vice President

        Doug Barnes


        Ramesh Sharma

Committee Members

        Ricky Balfour
        Vandhna Bhan
        Marcia Cameron
        Brooke Harris
        Ashleigh Young




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