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The Northern Region Branch spans the Auckland Suburbs, and is one of UNANZ's larger branches. If you're not a member of Northern Branch, and you're in the Auckland Region, click here to join now!

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Upcoming Events

Please contact Pedram for upcoming events in the Northern Region. 

Northern News and Report

Read the latest (July 2018) report from the region here

UNA NZ Auckland–Festival Stalls

UNA NZ Northern Region Branch is off to a proactive start this year organising public education stalls at two Auckland summer Festivals. The focus was on informing people about the Sustainable Development Goals and the way in which civil society can support this United Nations process. This has resulted in recruiting more interested and capable individuals who are keen to help us achieve OUR Goals at UNA. We will introduce them to you in our future reports.

UNA NZ Auckland is reaching out to Aucklanders and is aiming to cultivate partnership with other likeminded organisations. We have now joined forces with the Peace School, the Peace Foundation, and Future Business Solutions Limited as well as a more robust engagement with the Faculty of Public Health and Environmental Studies at AUT. Laurie has been particularly active in promoting Auckland Peace City declaration of commitment to the principles of non-violence, social justice and environmental protection showing how these are linked to the UN Charter and Declaration of Human Rights.

We have also initiated a monthly informal gathering called the CIRCLE OF LEARNING which gives us the chance to get together and discuss local and global issues with a focus on the SDGs. We invite different guest-speakers each month. We were lucky to have Ronja for few hours after she attended the Conference on Homelessness at AUT. This gave us the chance to hear and learn from Ronja about the Global Citizenship Education. 


Please refer to our recent 2017 UNA NZ News publication where you can find our more about the Northern Branch as well as recent activities. 

Report by Northern Branch President Gary Russell on his recent visit to Tahiti (Dec 2016):  An assessment of their current status for UN decolonisation

Report on UN Nuclear Abolition Day film (Nov 2014)

Dear UNA NZ members,

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the editing process for the 10-minute film of the ‘UN Nuclear Abolition Day’ event which I coordinated in Titirangi on 27th September 2014 in conjunction with the Whau and Waitakere Ranges Local Boards which also honoured Auckland Peace City and Nuclear Free New Zealand.
But it is the first year to celebrate the United Nations International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons throughout the world.
I am grateful for the time and technical skills of the Peace Foundation Disarmament Education officer. I think you will appreciate the value of this U-tube for promoting the work of the United Nations. Here is the video link is here: http://youtu.be/UL4EX39dChA

Many thanks
Laurie Ross
New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaker, Auckland Peace City Ambassador

Report on attendance at International Conferences for Nuclear Disarmament (April 2013)

Download the PDF file HERE


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Shona Hutchinson [email protected]

     Secondary School Speech Award

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