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The photos below are of UNANZ Members, during UNANZ meetings and events. Please contact the National Office for permission before re-printing or publishing photos from this site.

United Nations Day 2013 at Premier House marked on 16th October

Hosted by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister John Key

Photos credited to Ian Cookson and Clark Figuracion

 UNANZ National President Graham Hassall introducing the event, thanking the Prime Minister John Key for hosting the event and wecloming everyone to our UN Day Reception 2013. 

Prime Minister John Key gives his UN Day address.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murray McCully addresses the gathering.

 UNANZ Vice President, Robert Mackay, gives UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's UN day address.

 Wilson Chau from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

 Hon. Nikki Kaye (Minister for Education) with the Rt. Hon. John Key and Matilde Tayawa-Figuracion from Te Puni Kokiri

 Di Daniels (Director of Computers in Homes), Dame Laurie Salas (UNANZ Hon. Life Member) with the Rt. Hon John Key, Prime Minister

 Carrick Lewis (Former National President, UNANZ) with the Prime Minister

 Prime Minister with guests

 Prime Minister and Dr. Graham Hassall (UNANZ National President) meeting guests

 Prime Minister for MP Dr. Paul Hutchison meeting guests

 The crowd at Premier House

 Hon. Nikki Kaye with the Prime Minister and a guest

 Graham Kelly (Former MP and President of the Former Members of Parliament Association)

 MP Tim Macindoe with Matilde Tawaya-Figuracion and Ruth Nichols

 Carrick Lewis and Matilde Tawaya-Figuracion

 Simon Draper from MFAT and Special Envoy Colin Keating arriving

 Ruth Nichols, MP Tim Macindoe and Matilde Tawaya-Figuracion

 Robert Mackay (National Vice President, UNANZ) with Symon Choveaux (Cameraman)

 Joy Dunsheath (UNANZ National Secretary) with Robert Mackay and Maria Reynen-Clayton from MFAT

 Jerome Cameron and Scott Bickerton-Walsh (National Vice-Presidents of UN Youth New Zealand) with Finnian Cheshire from MFAT


 Johanna Clayton (UNANZ National Treasurer), Hailee Forde (VUW Law Student), Robert Mackay, Alex and Symon Choveaux


 Guests with Fran Wilde (Former Minister and current Chair of the Greater Wellington Regional Council)

 Ramsey Margolis from Cooperatives NZ with Robert Mackay

 Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai (Chairperson, Tainui te Kauhanganui), Mano Manohoran (Waikato Branch President, UNANZ) and Te Whakahawea Rapana (Deputy Chairperson, Tainui te Kauhanganui)

 Our volunteer team for the evening 


 Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Murray McCully with National President of UNANZ Dr. Graham Hassall

 Dr Vincent Gray and Mary Gray (Hon. Life Member of UNANZ)

 Matilde Tawaya-Figuracion) with Rev. Norman Knipe (UNANZ Wellington Branch) and a guest

 Dave Henderson, Director for ANGOA with Robert Mackay

 Her Excellency the Turkish Ambassador with the Prime Minister

 Prime Minister meeting guests

 Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand Director and Deputy Director being greeted

 Guests mingling

 Hon. Murray McCully meeting a guest

 Prime Minister Key meeting UNANZ National President Dr Graham Hassall

 Guests with some of the UNANZ National Executive

 Alex, Hailee Forde and Wayne Phillips sharing a joke with Wayne Phillips from the Wellington Interfaith Council

 Guests mingling with the Prime Minister

 Joy Dunsheath from the UNANZ National Executive meets with Jo and Gareth Morgan (UNICEF Celebrity Ambassadors)

 Nelson Wattie from PEN International with the National Vice-President of UNANZ


 The Prime Minister in conversation about the UN colours with Carrick Lewis (Hon Life Member of UNANZ)


 Dr Graham Hassall, UNANZ National President with Bev Watson, Director of the Office for External Affairs, NZ Baha'i Community

 Dr Betsan Martin, Director of Response with Guests

 Jo Morgan with Peter and Ruth Nichols, UNANZ Wellington Branch members

 Matilde Tawaya-Figuracion with Jo Dunsheath and John Morgan (UNANZ Special Officer for Human Rights)

 Prime Minister Key with Bev Watson, OEA Director for the NZ Baha'i Community

 Mikael Gartner, UNANZ Special Officer for Humanitarian Affairs with guests

 Hailee Forde and Alex with the National Vice President of UNANZ

 The Hon, Consul for Sri Lanka and his wife

 Guests mingling

 Mary Gray (Hon Life Member of UNANZ) with Matilde Tawaya-Figuracion

 Guests mingling

 Guests mingling

 The Turkish Ambassador sharing a joke with the Prime Minister

 Carrick Lewis with Matilde Tawaya Figuracion

 Special Envoy Colin Keating with Dr Graham Hassallm National President of UNANZ

 Mano Manohoran, Waikato Branch President of UNANZ with the Prime Minister

Guests mingling

2013 UN Day celebrations

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