Regular Email Distributions

The following regular email newsletters provide a wealth of information on UN related activities. You will need to register yourself at the appropriate web site, or by sending in an email, and then they will come automatically untill you stop them.

UN News: Daily reports on UN related events and statements prepared by the United Nations. Register at:

UN Wire: A daily extract from the media of news on the UN system and its bodies, as well as current and relevant international affairs. It is sponsored by the United Nations Foundation, which is a foundation set up to promote and support the UN through advocacy, grantmaking and partnerships. Register at

UN Connections: A monthy newsletter from WFUNA providing commentary on UN developments and practical information about the networks shaping relations between the emerging global civil society and the UN, with a particular reference to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals. Register at:

Security Council Report - a monthly forcast report on issues likely to be considered in the Security Council with links to detailed information. see

Journal of the United Nations - Programme of meetings and agenda
      Latest issue 

      Previous Issues  see UN Document Research Guide

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide - gateway to UN Documents

Non-Government Liaison Service - a wide range of publications on UN related issues, including a regular UPDATE publication.

Civil Society Observer - Non Government Liason Service - a i-monthly package of documentation of various kinds from all political persuasions to keep you informed of the developments related to NGOs and civil sociiety.

Reform the Newsletter. Extensively covers new developments in the UN reform debate such as the expansion of the security council, the Summit, Peacebuilding Commission and many more. Register at:

Global Policy Forum: Provides articles on a range of topics including the Iraq, the UN finacial crisis, the security council, social and economic policy and other interesting commentary about states in relation to the UN. Register at: News: Provides the latest IAEA press releases and top online news regarding nuclear security around the world. Register at

Unity: A weekly report of items related to UN issues in Australia. email: [email protected]

UNA-USA E Newsletter: Covers current UN events and UNA-USA chapter activities and events:

The UN in Focus  Regular update of news from the Freidrich Ebert Foundation see