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The UN is essential

for peace and prosperity

in a changing world

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Why is the UN important?

Because of global insecurity and uncertainty caused by:


• Intensifying global competition for scarce resources
• Shifting major power relations
• Extensive environmental harm, including climate change
• Social conflict and poverty


We need more effective global co-operation
 through the United Nations under the Charter


The United Nations 


is the centre of a system of international agreements and activities which has fostered the highest level of human prosperity and security in human history.

Emerging challenges, however, require a higher level of global cooperation and better ways of coordination.

 Only the UN has the legitimacy and comprehensiveness to achieve this.



What can New Zealand do?


NZ has built up a good reputation as a small but responsible UN member. 
A concerted effort by NZ to support and enhance the UN would give us a greater voice internationally and strengthen our economic prospects. 

Action needs to occur at several levels:


Non-Government Organisations


The UN is crucial for facilitating your work


• Seek to participate in government involvement in relevant UN activities (e.g. policy making delegations.)


• Take steps wherever possible to recognize and enhance UN effectiveness.


• Promote government engagement with UN activities (e.g. Human Rights, Aid.)




An effective UN is key to security and prosperity.


• Learn about the importance of the UN (See our web site


• Write to, or ask your local MP and candidates about their UN policies (e.g strengthening the UN to address key global issues such as climate change and resource depletion.)


• Join the United Nations Association (Membership form.)



The UN protects your future

Ask your MP what they are doing about enhancing the UN! (Contact your MP)


• Join UN Youth New Zealand (the youth branch of UNANZ)


Governments are principally responsible for the performance of the UN


• Recognise that effective international cooperation, especially through the UN, is fundamental to both security and prosperity.


• Promote co-ordination between diplomatic services, Businesses, NGOs and community organisations to optimise NZ’s contribution to the effectiveness of the UN and international cooperation in general.


• Improve NZ’s capability to pursue all possible avenues to promote the reform and the strengthening of the UN, including  restoring the recent reduction of the MFAT budget.


• Establish an education and research programme on multilateralism and the UN appropriate for the importance of these critical activities.







The UN and its Charter are our best means of resolving global issues


So we need to support them well!



“We know that effective collective action is in every country’s long-term interest”


Prime Minster John Key

International Pledge of 2000

 “We solemnly reaffirm, on this historic occasion, that the United Nations is the indispensable common house of the entire human family, through which we will seek to realize our universal aspirations for peace, co-operation and development. We therefore pledge our unstinting support for these common objectives and our determination to achieve them.”


UN Millennium Declaration

by UN General Assembly Sept 2000 (A/RES/55/2)

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