SusyCon : Sustainability Connections



“Connecting NZ with the World”



An opportunity to make a distinctive contribution to the development of Sustainability in New Zealand, and even globally.


An opportunity to be engage with activities around the globe, as well as in NZ, at any level, and over a wide range of topics:  – science, technology, environment, community, energy, food, transport, land, oceans, economics and politics: local, national and global. Get to know what is happening and network with the activists.


Work from your own interests in sustainability, find out what the UN and others are doing globally, and send that to relevant organisations in NZ. Find out what they are doing, and how they engage with the global agendas.


Analyse action and outcomes, compare NZ with overseas, ask the key question:

·         What are the critical issues?

·         What is actually happening?

·         How can we do better?

·         Who needs to know about it?

·         How can you make a difference?


The UN is working to move the world forward – initiating activities, funding others, coordinating, sharing ideas and technology, and promoting policy development at all levels.


Network with other students taking up this challenge, and with activists internationally.


Earn academic credits if you are doing a suitable subject.


We have an extensive compilation of sustainability related activity in NZ, and there are a host of UN related resources.





What sort of engagement is this?

How does one go about it?

Who can I talk to?



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