The United Nations Association of New Zealand is bound by a nationally recognised constitution. This constitution may only be amended or added to at our Annual General Meeting, or during a Special General Meeting.

For more information about the UNANZ constitution, please contact the National Office, at [email protected], or (04) 496 9638

UNANZ Constitution 
(as at 29 June 2017)

Constitutional Objectives

Extract from the UNANZ Constitution

Item 2.1

The principal objective for which the Association is established within New Zealand is to be a peoples' movement for the United Nations, through which the principles of the UN Charter can be shared widely and its vision realised.

To advance this Objective the Association proposes to engage in such charitable activities as:

►To co-ordinate, initiate and support activities which relate to aims and purposes of the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals.

►To promote research, information, education and general public knowledge about the treaties, conventions and resolutions agreed in the UN General Assembly by the governments of the world and furthermore provide the Government of New Zealand with information as to the evaluation of UN policies and actions by the New Zealand public.


►To promote how the UN system works and to provide general knowledge of the history behind the UN to the New Zealand public. To promote the role or the contribution that the UN makes towards peace and prosperity.


►To provide the means by which the public may influence development and perfecting of the United Nations as an instrument for the promotion of peace and the prevention of war, the safeguarding of human rights, and the promotion of the moral, cultural and material welfare of all peoples, and wherever changed circumstances warrant it, to promote the corresponding reform of the Charter and of the organisation, administration and operation of the United Nations and its different agencies.

►To promote the establishing of branches of the Association within New Zealand, encourage the affiliation of organisations wishing to participate in the realisation of the above mentioned goals.

►To co-operate with UNAs in other countries, especially through the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).


►To co-operate with any organisations or individuals who are committed to the work of bringing peace and justice to the world for creating a global neighbourhood in accordance with the aims of the UN Charter.

►To promote tolerance, understanding, peace, solidarity and co-operation among all peoples throughout the world without distinction as to race, sex, culture and language, religion or political affiliation.