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Upcoming Events

UNANZ National Council Meeting 18-19 March Wellington. Hope others are able to join in and come to Wellington over the weekend, it would be good for our younger members to see how the UNANZ works on a national & global scale.

Auckland Cultural Festival is coming up again, on April 1st. so UNANZ will be asking for a roster of duty persons to come on board again to wo/man the UN tent stall, this is our main high profile public event, so all the support we can get is most appreciated.

UNA NZ Northern AGM  March 29 Wed. 6.30pm at Kinder House 2 Ayr Street. We have managed to get our President Joy, to come and speak to the Northern Branch AGM meeting about the future role of the UNANZ and the wider global state of the WFUNA organisation.We are looking for our younger members to take on committee positions.We will show a short film clip' Guitars and Footballs' of the NZ  UN Peacebuilding forces role in the Pacific with the film director’s comments as a speaker also.

NZ Secondary Schools Speech Contest:  This year to be held later on, in June 23rd Friday at the Beehive NZ Parliament.Hope you can all come to the UNA NZ AGM & conference over that weekend 23-25  June.News up date to come on the format.Thanks Monju for her work in organising it this year. 2017.

Long term, the TRUTH CONFERENCE (see below) with UNA NZ as a  sponsor is in May-June 2018 in Tahiti. The formalities and invites to overseas speakers are going out, we are expecting a major push of supported by the UNGA in opening up the legal opportunities for the UN Charter of Human Rights of the indigenous people of the Pacific to be a reality."In Bob Marley's words..Stand up for your rights, don't give up the fight, let’s get together, it will be alright"with those words the UN will achieve its goal for all colonies to have the right of self determination. Presently UNANZ Northern Branch is working with 7 Pacific colonies on the journey to self determination, under the mandate of as a UN NGO of having the responsibility as a global citizen with support from Pacific Inter Faith Council of church members and the NZ Quakers,a number of MPs from UK, Australian,& NZ Parliaments and the EU Parliament agencies. It will mean calling on our UNA NZ members to take on roles to achieve a successful TRUTH conference, Thanks to our hosts Royal Sovereign King of Tahiti Paku-Motu for the TRUTH Conference.

Recent Events


Opening of the Burundi Empowerment Project photographic exhibition; examples of the political and children rights in Burundi/Africa

In the wake of current political solution in Burundi, the United Nations Association of New Zealand, Auckland Branch and  Burundi Empowerment are running the first African Art Exhibition on the 12th February – 05th March in order to raise funds for orphans who are in dire circumstance. The exhibition is opened with a garden party and past and present members, friends and families and associated organisations are invited.

Sunday, 12 Feb. 2pm at Kinder House

2 Ayr. Street, Cnr Ayr & Parnell St. Parnell.

View the FLYER for more details.

Please, RSVP to email [email protected] by Wed. Feb. 8.


Exhibition details: Exhibition opening: From Feb 12, 2Pm. Opening day, until March 5, during Kinder House normal opening 9AM-  3pm.  Parking is at 470 Parnell Rd at rear of the Bellingham & Wallace & Coast Guard building (Take side entrance closes to Parnell).  

More about the Burundi empowerment Project, browse. www.burundiempowerment.org 

Northern News and Report

Report by Northern Branch President Gary Russell on his recent visit to Tahiti (Dec 2016):  An assessment of their current status for UN decolonisation

Report on UN Nuclear Abolition Day film (Nov 2014)

Dear UNA NZ members,

I am pleased to announce that I have completed the editing process for the 10-minute film of the ‘UN Nuclear Abolition Day’ event which I coordinated in Titirangi on 27th September 2014 in conjunction with the Whau and Waitakere Ranges Local Boards which also honoured Auckland Peace City and Nuclear Free New Zealand.
But it is the first year to celebrate the United Nations International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons throughout the world.
I am grateful for the time and technical skills of the Peace Foundation Disarmament Education officer. I think you will appreciate the value of this U-tube for promoting the work of the United Nations. Here is the video link is here: http://youtu.be/UL4EX39dChA

Many thanks
Laurie Ross
New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaker, Auckland Peace City Ambassador

Report on attendance at International Conferences for Nuclear Disarmament (April 2013)

Download the PDF file HERE


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Contact Northern Branch:

Branch President

Gary Russell 09 379 4008   [email protected] 

Vice-President & Treasurer

Bradley McDonald 021 216 6802 or 09 579 6086  [email protected]


Shona Hutchinson [email protected]

Branch Address : PO Box 5816, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141 

Secondary School Speech Contest

Monju  Sakar [email protected] 


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